Ryan Alexander Holmes

Ryan Alexander Holmes is an Actor, Content Creator and Proud Afro-Asian American. Having garnered a sizable presence on social media (@ryanalexh) by using his platform to embrace his mixed Chinese/African American background through comedic story telling and poignant writings about family’s perseverance, Ryan’s goal is to encourage others who are of mixed ethnic/cultural backgrounds to fully embrace who they are and to show the world there is unimaginable strength in discovering harmony in multiculturalism. He is a proud alumni of both UC Berkeley, where he achieved a Bachelor’s in Business, and USC, where he achieved a Master’s in Drama. He has been featured in See Us Unite’s campaign for #StopAsianHate alongside Jeremy Lin, Naomi Osaka and Lisa Ling.  His acting credits include For the People on ABC, Dear White People on Netflix, The Morning Show on AppleTV+ and Back on The Strip, coming to theaters in 2023, where he stars alongside Wesley Snipes, Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart.

Black & Gold

Why So Many Asian Businesses in Black Neighbourhoods?


How the United States’ long history of racism against Asian business owners and Black neighborhoods ended up pitting the two against each other.